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Sustainable Property Operations Results Tracking

Green Initiatives

Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort is dedicated to protecting the environment and preserving natural resources. We have undertaken numerous initiatives and programs - which we continue to expand - in order to reduce energy costs and material consumption.

The following is an overview of our Green Initiatives:

Energy Efficiency

Energy and Atmosphere
-Property tracks and reports carbon emissions

Building Systems and Equipment Maintenance
-Maintains a list/file with specifications on mechanical and electrical systems and equipment
-Has a documented preventative maintenance program for building systems and equipment
-All main mechanical equipment has variable speed drive controls to reduce energy consumption during low demand conditions
-Installed new high efficiency chiller for main building air conditioning
-Installed VF Doors in all (5) kitchen exhaust systems.
Energy Audits and Retrocommissioning
-Within the past two years, an informal or in-house evaluation of energy use including potential operating changes or upgrades that would increase efficiency has been conducted
-A recent inspection was conducted at the resort by an executive engineering manager or regional engineer.

Energy Efficient Lighting
-Installed Compact Fluorescents in all guest suites
-Installed Compact Fluorescents and energy efficient light bulbs in exterior light fixtures
-In 2013, 1,150 standard light bulbs were replaced with LED technology in the Ballroom meeting rooms
-Installed a new ballroom lighting system that is PC controlled, which will allow all events to be preprogrammed and have the ability to shut-off lighting from computers. Result will be energy savings and better control.

Building Automation Systems-Energy and Indoor Air Quality
-Installed a building automation system (BAS), building management system (BMS) or energy management system (EMS) that monitors and controls key building systems, including HVAC
-BAS has the capacity to monitor outside air delivery rates from primary system air handler units
-EMS installed to control air conditioning temperatures in all Convention Center meeting rooms. Ability to schedule high/low set points/on & off times in these areas.

Housekeeping and Maintenance Staff Training
-Housekeeping staff is trained to turn off lights and televisions when guest suites are not occupied
-Housekeeping staff is trained to adjust guest suite temperatures to seasonally efficient settings when guest suites are unoccupied
-Operations staff is trained to turn off lights when meeting rooms are not occupied
-Operations staff is trained to adjust meeting room temperatures to seasonally efficient settings when suites are vacant
-Staff is trained to ensure that washers, dryers, and dishwashers are filled to the recommended capacity and that the coolest effective water temperature is used.

Water Efficiency

Indoor Water Efficiency Performance
-Water efficient water closets are used at the property and the average flush rate can be provided
-Water efficient showers are used at this property and the average flow rate for showerheads in the hotel guest suites can be provided
-Water efficient showers are used at this property and the average flow rate for all showerheads in other areas of the hotel (employee locker rooms, health club/spa, other) can be provided
-Housekeeping and maintenance staff are trained to check for visible leaks from guest bathroom fixtures and kitchen sinks -Installed timers on all water fountains to shut off after hours.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems
-Water treatment management program is in place with maintenance requirements for the water treatment vendor and hotel staff
-Conductivity meter and automatic controls are installed to adjust the bleed rate and maintain proper chemical concentrations in the treatment system at all times.

Pool and Spa Operations
-Facilities optimized for temperature control
-Whirlpool spas are equipped with automatic or demand-controlled timers
-Facilities are equipped with automatic treatment controls to maintain optimum conditions.

Guest Suite Efficiency-Towel & Linen Reuse
-Operates a reuse program for towels
-Oerates a reuse program for bed linen.
Indoor Environmental Quality

Indoor Air Quality Management Program
-Public Ventilation system capable of delivering 100% outside air
-Preventive maintenance program addresses maintenance of HVAC components as they relate to outdoor air introduction and ventilation
-Enforces a "no idling" policy in loading dock areas.
Housekeeping and Chemical Use

Sustainable Housekeeping-Other
-Purchases sustainable housekeeping equipment (such as vacuums and floor buffers) where available and cost effective.

Chemical Storage and Mixing Areas
-Uses an automatic dosage system for chemical cleaning products used in housekeeping
-Water sources are provided in chemical storage and mixing areas for mixing concentrates, and drains are plumbed for proper disposal
-Chemical storage and use areas are properly ventilated
-All drums and chemical storage containers are properly marked
-All containers and spill containment devices are regularly inspected for container leakage.

Exterior and Site Maintenance

Building Exterior and Hardscape Maintenance
-Maintains best practices that minimize environmental impacts from building exterior maintenance and repairs
-Staff sweeps or wet-brooms entries, sidewalks, and other exterior areas rather than hosing or pressure washing.

Sustainable Grounds and Landscape Maintenance
-Maintains best practices that minimize environmental impacts from maintenance of exterior landscaping and other natural areas (i.e. areas not covered by concrete or asphalt)
-Native and/or drought tolerant landscaping is planted
-Plant beds are mulched, or soil is covered with materials such as bark, organic material, or decorative rock.

Landscape Water Efficiency
-Irrigation system timers are seasonally adjusted and scheduled to water in either late evenings or early mornings
-The party responsible for maintenance and inspections of the irrigation system and controls for proper scheduling, broken sprinkler heads or irrigation lines, overspray, etc., can be provided
-A smart irrigation controller that automatically adjusts irrigation schedules according to actual or historic weather conditions is installed
-Instead of sprinklers, drip irrigation or soaker hoses are used in plant beds
-Xeriscaping to remove grass in some areas and replacing with gravel/ rock and low water use planting material, and installing drip irrigation system instead of sprinkler heads
-21 irrigation water controllers have been installed with a weather track system that is controlled by weather conditions though satellites (resulting in an annual saving of around 9,800,000 gallon of water).

Integrated Pest Management
-Pest control vendor utilizes an integrated pest management (IPM) program/techniques for exterior pest control
-Pest control vendor uses physical controls and/or integrated pest management techniques in interior areas
-Landscape vendor use organic insecticides, fertilizers and pesticides and/or integrated pest management (IPM) techniques.

Heat Island Reduction
-Trees or other significant shading cover at least 50% of the hardscaped area (i.e. roads, sidewalks, courtyards, parking lot, etc.) during the summer season.

Recreational Facilities - Golf Courses and Tennis Courts
-Landscape vendor uses integrated pest management or ecologically sensitive methods in recreational facilities to minimize the use of pesticides and other chemical applications.

Alternative Transportation
-Replacing resort carts with electric instead of gas.

Waste Management

Solid Waste Management Policy
-Operates recycling program that addresses recycling of ongoing waste as well as proper disposal of hazardous waste and other special waste categories.

Food and Wet Waste Composting
-Composts food, food service items or other wet waste off-site.

Hazardous Waste Disposal and Recycling of Special Materials
-Recycles or exchanges used printer toner cartridges through the supplier or other resources
-Recycles kitchen grease
-Recycles and ensures proper disposal of electronic waste (i.e., computers, printers, copiers, TVs, appliances and other electrical devices).

Sustainable Purchasing

Sustainable Office Practices
-Provides electronic signage for announcements and events
-Double-sided default setting for copying and printing on hotel office equipment.

Food and Beverage
-Source Reduction: guest and meetings food service
-For kitchen food preparation, condiments are ordered in bulk.

Sustainable Purchasing: Food and Beverage Procurement
-Change menu seasonally based on locally or regionally available fresh foods
-Can serve seafood selected according to responsible seafood guides upon request for a group meeting or event.

Renovation and Construction

Hotel Renovation and Construction Activity
-Purchase furniture of sufficient quality to allow repair, reuse, refinishing and/or reupholstery in conjunction with ongoing operations or renovation activities.

Awareness and Recognition
-Hotel Awareness and Recognition Program
-A Sustainability Committee or individuals assigned responsibility for implementing sustainability policies and practices is in place.
Community Donations and Philanthropy
-The resort is extremely active in philanthropic activities with team members donating time, money and resources to a variety of community programs and causes each month. In addition, the resort hosts regular community events including Haunted Cabanas benefitting Children in Crisis, Holiday Festival at The Falls with donations going to St. Mary’s Food Bank, Water Drives during the summer months with water bottles being donated to the Salvation Army. Pet supply donations delivered to the Humane Society, and an annual Coat Donation Drive with coats donated to U.M.O.N. (Arizona’s largest homeless shelter).

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